~ Upholding Standards for Midwives in Minnesota ~



About the Minnesota Midwives Guild

The Minnesota Midwives Guild evolved through the efforts of a group of midwives to write a Standards of Care document.
Many years, and many midwives influenced the creation of this treasured accomplishment.

Board Of Directors

Jane Kirby, TM, CPM, LM

CFO, Treasurer
Tracey Lapointe, TM

Tracie Provo, TM, DEM

Brenda Burke, CPM, TM
Sylvia Kosloski, TM, DEM
Susie Zahrata, Parent Member
Jeanne Bazille, TM, CPM
Jean Hartley, CPM, LM
Ximena Rojas Garcia, TM, RN

Board members are appointed by 3/4 Board vote.

We currently have a full board.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Board, please request an application for board candidacy.
Applications will be reviewed annually, or as necessary. Each term is for four years.

All requests should be sent to: