Upholding Standards for Midwives in Minnesota

As a traditional guild that trains by apprenticeship, we welcome all individuals and every birthing family with love and dignity. We reject discrimination of any kind and foster acceptance of the rights of all birthing families.

Our goals are...

To promote and protect the midwifery model of care in Minnesota.

To provide and maintain a clear and concise Standard Of Care document that reflects the midwifery model as determined by traditional midwives and to make the Minnesota Midwives Guild Standards Of Care available to traditional midwives.

To update the Standards Of Care by conducting annual revisions meetings to obtain input from the greater community of traditional midwives regarding practice guidelines.

To maintain practice guidelines and protocols that address the needs of midwives in the state of Minnesota.

To offer continuing education opportunities to the community of traditional midwives.

MMG is a Non Profit Organization

Help out by donating!  Funding helps to pay for the website so that the standards of care are easily available, as well as pay for use of meeting locations, support of legislation and continuing education opportunities for traditional midwives in Minnesota.

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About MMG

The Minnesota Midwives Guild is the recognized guardian for the Minnesota Midwives Guild Standards of Care document. We also provide this website for the public to download the Standards of Care as well as post our meeting dates.


Our next public meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2020 and then October 14, 2020.  Location and Zoom Link will be posted here.

Revision proposals and other agenda items must be sent to our Secretary no later than one month before the meeting.  Email is fine.

[email protected]

Board Members

Board Of Directors

CEO/CFO, Treasurer

Tracey Lapointe, TM


Jean Hartley, LM, CPM IBCLC


Brenda Burke, CPM, TM

Sylvia Kosloski, TM, DEM

Jeanne Bazille, TM, CPM

Ximena Rojas Garcia, TM, RN

Molly Troumbly, TM

Maureen Dahl, LM, CPM, FCP, NFPNM

Charrie Van Vleet, Doula

Autumn Cavender-Wilson, CPM, TM