Upholding Standards for Midwives in Minnesota

Public Meeting Minutes

Public Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2020

MMG Annual Public Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2020


MMG Board members                                              Public

Tracey Lapointe                                                         Millicent Simenson

Molly Troumbly                                                          Aly Folin

Jean Hartley                                                                Olivia Kimble

Autumn Cavender-Wilson                                      Amy Nyberg

Meeting was conducted entirely via Zoom as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tracey Lapointe provided an update on MMG’s restructuring progress

Members have been actively meeting every few weeks to discuss and come up with a structure that effectively represents the midwives of Minnesota while protecting the autonomy of the board.

Recent plans include creating a census of all midwives practicing out of hospital in the state so that we can have a clear idea of the demographic. The hope is to have a form available on the website and social media platforms as well as asking midwives to share printed questionnaires with those midwives who may not have internet access.

MMG Board members will continue to have meetings to work on this restructure.

A future public meeting date has not been set.

Public Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2019

MMG Board Meeting Minutes October 16, 2019

Board member meeting attendees

Tracey Lapointe Jean Hartley Maureen Dahl Molly Troumbly Ximena Rojas

Discussion was had about how to better involve other midwives and home birth interested public. Agreement to add meetings in January, April and July with the July meeting being open to the public. Meeting dates were set for January 17, board only, April 17 board only, July 17 open and the usual October 14 open. Times and locations and Zoom links will be added to the website as they are determined.

A committee met several times to discuss the request for gender language changes in the SOC document. The committee submitted a few changes to the language of the SOC regarding gender and inclusivity. Additional changes will happen over time. The changes will be uploaded to the website and a new version communicated to the Department of Health.

Discussion about role of SOC for non-licensed midwives. Initially this document was made to cover all people who practiced out of hospital and later came to include licensed midwives. Legally it is also believed that the SOC is the standard for anyone holding themselves out as a midwife in Minnesota.

Recommendation was made to require NRP/NALS for all midwives. We want the SOC to be attainable for all who practice. This includes those who do not have technology access. In the past, a written test was required for certifications but it is no longer available and online is the only option for testing. For this reason, when the agreement was made that NALS or NRP is a reasonable requirement of all midwives practicing out of hospital, it was phrased as a requirement for current training in NRP or NALS rather than a certification.

We also addressed funding. We have very few expenses but they do include about $60 per year for the website which is the current platform for email and the public access to the SOC document in English and Spanish. For several years the secretary has paid this expense. Recommendation was made for a paypal account that would allow for donations as well as a fundraiser sale of items that also support out of hospital birth or midwifery.

There were no public members in attendance for the meeting at noon. Meeting was adjourned and next meeting will be held January 17, 2020

Public Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2018

\MMG Meeting Minutes October 17, 2018

Meeting called to order by Tracy LaPointe. Present were board members Maureen Dahl and Jean Hartley. Present via Zoom Ximena Rojas Garcia, Margo Nelson, Autumn Cavender Wilson, Molly Troumbly and Brenda Burke. For the public portion of the meeting there were no additional people.

1st Item was a request to spread out the jobs and titles that Tracy has collected. Maureen Dahl volunteered to assist with CFO position and get her name on the board’s bank account.

2nd item was to discuss late submissions and requested changes to the SOC. Members and public are reminded and requested that they submit items a month prior to the meeting so everyone has an opportunity to prepare for the discussion. Jean Hartley will look into legal requirements regarding formulary changes.

3rd item Jean Hartley reminded members to check their emails and accept the forwarding of all emails sent to the board email address.

4th item discussion of the proposed changes to the SOC. MCCPM submitted a request to make the language more inclusive of all family types and all people that give birth. After hearty discussion, a subcommittee was created to discuss and prepare any possible changes to the document. Meeting dates were set for the winter and spring with the expectation that a final draft will be available to post publicly for comments by May 31, 2019.

5th item was a request/suggestion to add a method for community to submit donations to the board for things such as paying for the website hosting. Jean Hartley will add this to the website.

The next public meeting for revisions was set for October 2019.